The migration container is built into an Airgap OVA. If you deploy Airgap OVA, the container is automatically deployed.

In this option, you can login to access container and run the migration commands. If your environment is not air-gapped, use Airgap OVA as a hosting VM for migration container. In this case, you do not need to run airgap scripts because you are not using Airgap functionality.

  1. Deploy Airgap appliance, if you do not have one. If it is already air-gapped, migrate to 3.0 airgap appliance.

  2. SSH to the appliance and su to the root.

  3. If you are staging 3.0 OVA locally on airgap server, ensure that the OVA is copied to "/data/migrationVolume' so that migration container can access.

  4. Exec into the container (docker exec -it migration bash).


If you are in airgap environment, skip the manual procedure to bring up migration container and continue to Execute to the Container step.