Ensure the following minimum requirements are met to enable vSphere HA for VMware Telco Cloud Operations.

Intended Audience

It is assumed the reader is familiar with vSphere administration including configuration of the components mentioned below as well as networking and shared storage configuration. Please refer to the VMware official documentation for details.

Minimum Requirements

To enable vSphere HA:
  • Configure vSphere HA on the ESXi cluster on which VMware Telco Cloud Operations is deployed.
  • Validate that vMotion works on the cluster.
  • Configure shared storage (for example, NFS, iSCSI, vSAN, and so on).

Sample Configuration

This section describes the details of an example configuration for VMware Telco Cloud Operations vSphere HA. The details provided are specific to the testbed and should be used only as a reference for what a typical configuration should look like.

System Details
  1. ESXi — Version 6.7.0 (build 16316930) or higher.
  2. Hardware — Each ESXi rus on a server with the following specifications:
    • Make and Model — Dell PowerEdge R640
    • CPU — 32 cores; Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5218 CPU, at 2.30GHz
    • Memory — 382.47 GB
    • NICS - Two (10 GB) NICs
  3. vCenter — vCenter Server Appliance
  4. Network — The network has split management, vMotion and vSAN traffic to separate VMKernel adapters on distinct vLANs, with all port groups residing on the same distributed switch.
  5. Shared Storage — Employ a vSAN cluster for shared storage.