VMware Telco Cloud Operations leverages vSphere HA to provide high availability for it's services. This section includes details about the vSphere capabilities leveraged by VMware Telco Cloud Operations, the minimum requirements and configuration to enable HA, and any known issues.

Intended Audience
  • vCenter Administrators
  • VMware Telco Cloud Operations operators

VMware Telco Cloud Operations with vSphere HA

The VMware Telco Cloud Operations leverages high availability features provided by vSphere. Specifically, if one or more VMware Telco Cloud Operations nodes (virtual machines) become unavailable for any reason, VMware Telco Cloud Operations relies on vSphere to restart the nodes on another compatible host and resume normal operation.

Unavailability or downtime could be unplanned due to failures in the underlying infrastructure. Application availability can also be disrupted by scheduled maintenance of ESXi hosts. In either case, vSphere HA ensures VMware Telco Cloud Operations resumes normal operation with minimal or no downtime as follows:

Unplanned Downtime

Upon detecting unavailability, vSphere restarts the virtual machine on another available host. VMware Telco Cloud Operations services resumes operation as before. Downtime is typically in range of five to ten minutes.

Scheduled Host Maintenance and Migration

When ESXi is put in Maintenance Mode, vSphere HA automatically migrates the virtual machine to an another compatible host. Scheduled migration also occurs when an administrator chooses to move a virtual machine to another host for reasons such as distributing load. In both cases, VMware Telco Cloud Operations is not disrupted and services are available throughout the process.

For further details about vSphere HA, please refer to the VMware vSphere HA product documentation.

Service Failures

vSphere HA ensures high availability if there are events that cause the virtual machines to become unavailable (for example, events related to underlying infrastructure failure). In the current release of VMware Telco Cloud Operations, if the services fail for some reason, the operator must manually restart the service.