The VMware Telco Cloud Operations deploy tool automates the installation of the VMware Telco Cloud Operations product by completing both the VM Deployment and Cluster Deployment in a single step. It obtains all the configuration details from a deploy.settings file, deploys the virtual machines, deploys the cluster and finally verifies all services have started. The tool employs VMware OVF Tool for virtual machine deployment. The tool is capable of uninstalling an existing deployment

  • Completes both phases of deployment in a single step.
  • Deploys all footprints listed in the VMware Telco Cloud Operations System Requirements with any required customization.
  • Checks required dependencies on the installer system (host) before running the deploy tool.
  • Validates deployment configuration provided by the user.
  • OVAs can be staged from installer system for faster deployment or direct deployed from repository (Artifactory).
  • Avoids repeating steps in the deployment process if the process needs to be rerun by checking for already installed virtual machines.
  • Supports the uninstall of existing an deployment, whether it is a full or partially installed cluster