You can add the Compute Workload Domain as a pre-deployed domain in VMware Telco Cloud Automation. TCA Infrastructure Automation automates the addition of RAN cell site hosts to the compute workload domain, applying host profiles to cell site hosts.


After adding the cell site hosts to the compute vCenter Server, you can apply host profiles to cell sites hosts to push specific configurations such as BIOS changes, firmware version updates, PCI device settings, and so on.

For more information about Infrastructure Automation, see Working with Infrastructure Automation.


  1. Log in to the Infrastructure Automation UI of Telco Cloud Automation.
  2. Configure Global Settings.
  3. Navigate to Domains > Regional Site and add a compute domain vCenter as a pre-deployed domain. For instructions, see Add vCenter.
  4. Add a cell site group with the regional site, which you integrated with Telco Cloud Automation in Step 3, as the parent.
  5. Add a cell site host to an existing cell site group.

    The cell site host gets added as a standalone host on the compute domain vCenter.

What to do next

  1. Verify that the cell site host is added to the compute domain vCenter as a standalone host.

  2. Verify that the host is part of the vSphere Distributed Switch that is created by Telco Cloud Automation on the compute vCenter.

  3. Verify that the VM File System (VMFS) datastores are created for each HDD/SSD that is available on the host.