The management plane protection is focused on three primary areas: management plane architecture, its administration network, and the administrator access and privileges. Architecting a secure management plane provides the foundation for isolating management elements, including the administrative network, from other aspects of the virtual infrastructure and for controlling and monitoring administrative access successfully.

To architect the management plane, operators can use several inter-related, interoperable solutions from VMware to manage the virtualized and containerized infrastructure and also to apply security measures in the management plane:

  • VMware Telco Cloud Automation

  • VMware Cloud Director or VMware Integrated OpenStack

  • VMware Telco Cloud Infrastructure and VMware NSX

  • VMware vSphere

In addition, VMware infrastructure integrates with Kubernetes and other cloud native technology to manage cloud native functions and cloud network functions. For example, VMware Telco Cloud Automation can securely deploy and orchestrate cloud native workloads on Kubernetes.