The Compute vCenter Server instance is deployed on the management vSAN datastore TCP_MGMT_vSAN_DS in the Management vCenter Server TCP_MGMT_VC.


  1. Download a copy of the vCenter Server installer file and mount the installer ISO to a local drive.

  2. Verify that the FQDN that you use with vCenter Server TCP_RES_VC is registered in the DNS server for forward and reverse proxy.

  3. Verify that the FQDN and IP can be resolved.

  4. Verify that the ESXi is reachable from the system where the Compute vCenter Server installer is mounted.

  5. Verify that a network route is present between the Compute vCenter Server and the Management vCenter Server.


  1. Install the Compute vCenter Server Instance.

  2. Create the Edge Cluster.

  3. Create the Compute Cluster.

  4. Create the vSphere Distributed Switch for Edge Cluster.

  5. Create the Compute vSphere Distributed Switch.

  6. Configure vSAN on Edge Cluster.

  7. Configure vSAN on Compute Cluster.

  8. Configure the Compute and Edge Clusters for vSphere DRS.

  9. Configure the Compute and Edge Clusters for vSphere High Availability.

  10. Configure the Compute vCenter Server High Availability.