The VLAN Connectivity map is the default map that appears when you select a VLAN object in the Topology tab of the Map Console. It displays VLANs, the switches that participate in the VLAN, and the routers that enable connections between VLANs. A VLAN Connectivity map is available for a selected switch, router, RSM, hub, host, or VLAN.

For a VLAN Connectivity map, the edges appear as:

  • Solid lines for devices connected to ports on a VLAN or switch.

  • Jagged lines for network connections.

    In a VLAN Connectivity map, a hop is a logical hop. It represents the distance between an object (router or switch) and the VLAN.

    If a switch appears in a VLAN Connectivity map and no edge connects the switch to the VLAN, the switch cannot recognize the VLAN even though the switch has another port that participates in the VLAN.