The Global Manager imports instances of the following topology object types from IP Availability Manager. The imported topology includes systems, physical packages, device connections, logical links, collections, redundancy groups, and duplicate IPs (DuplicateIP and DuplicateIPv6 objects)—the duplicate IPs are not shown in the list that follows:


Bullet list items beginning with a dash indicate class hierarchy; for example, FileServer is a subclass of Host.

  • Systems:

    • Bridge

    • CallServer

    • Host:

      • FileServer

    • Hub

    • LoadBalancer

    • MediaGateway

    • Node

    • Probe

    • Router:

      • Firewall

      • Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC)

      • Router Switch Feature Card (RSFC)

      • Router Switch Module (RSM)

    • Switch

    • TerminalServer

  • Physical packages:

    • NASChassis

  • Device connections:

    • NetworkConnection:

      • Cable

      • TrunkCable

  • Logical links:

    • IPNetwork

    • IPv6Network

    • VLAN

  • Collections:

    • Partition

  • Redundancy groups:

    • SystemRedundancyGroup

    • NetworkAdapterRedundancyGroup

    • NetworkConnectionRedundancyGroup

    • HSRPGroup

    • VRRPGroup

The Global Manager combines this topology with the topologies received from the other Domain Managers connected to the Global Manager. In some cases, depending on the other Domain Managers, combining means migrating certain object types imported from IP Availability Manager with certain object types imported from the other Domain Managers.