Celerra is a high performance IP storage platform. It delivers NAS (Network Attached Storage) and iSCSI capabilities to consolidate application storage and file servers in either an integrated configuration, or as a gateway connected to a CLARiiON or Symmetrix storage system.

A Celerra installation includes the following IP-related devices:

  • Celerra Network Server

  • Celerra Control Station.

  • Celerra Data Movers

    NAS device relationships shows these relationships.

    Figure 1. NAS device relationships

    The Control Station includes an IP address that is exposed on the external network. The Data Movers also have IP addresses for external client connectivity.

    The Data Movers and Control Station communicate with each other using Ethernet connections over the following supported file access protocols: CIFS, NFS, FTP, TFTP. The Availability Manager does not currently discover or monitor the internal network or the back-end storage systems.