SNMP-managed network illustrates the SNMP key components: management station, agent, management information base, and SNMP protocol.

  1. Agent

  2. SNMP Agent

  3. MIB

  4. SNMP Agent

  5. MIB

  6. SNMP Agent

  7. MIB

  8. Agent

  9. Agent

  10. IP Network

  11. MIB

  12. Management

  13. Applications

  14. SNMP Manager

  15. Management Station

  16. SNMP

  17. SNMP

  18. SNMP

  19. SNMP

Figure 1. SNMP-managed network

Each SNMP agent or SNMP manager maintains a MIB. An agent MIB contains information about the network system managed by the SNMP agent, and about the agent itself. A manager MIB contains network management information that is extracted by the SNMP manager from each agent MIB.