When the Polling and Thresholds Console is attached to the IP-Configuration Manager, all changes are pushed to all IP Managers under control of that IP-Configuration Manager.

The following conditions affect when settings are pushed to the IP domain managers:

  • Settings are automatically pushed to the IP Managers by connecting or reconnecting either the IP-Configuration Manager or IP Manager server, or by clicking the Push Settings button in the Polling and Thresholds Console. The Push Settings option is also available from the Group menu in this console.

  • The Push Settings button is also available in the Domain Administration Console and from the Topology menu in this console. Only changed and new settings will be pushed and applied.

  • When the attribute IsConfEnabled is set to False, the corresponding IP Manager is excluded and no settings will be pushed to it. Alternatively, remove the IC_Domain instance of the IP Manager to prevent settings from being pushed.

  • If the attribute RemoveExtraFromTarget is set to True, then settings that exist only in the target IP Manager (that is, settings do not exist in the IP-Configuration Manager) will be removed.