The IP-Configuration Manager is an optional component and provides a method for applying a consistent set of polling and threshold settings, IP tagging settings, and CLI device-access credentials to all IP domain managers.

When the IP-Configuration Manager is not used, configure each IP domain manager with the polling and threshold settings applicable to each.

The default deployment of the IP Manager has only one IP-Configuration Manager to which any number of IP domain managers can be assigned. This works best when you deploy multiple IP domain managers with similar groups and settings.

Use the IP-Configuration Manager feature to maintain a centralized copy of the settings by attaching the Polling and Thresholds Console to the IP-Configuration Manager and pushing settings directly to those IP Managers which are "configuration-enabled". The topic, “Assigning an IP domain manager to the IP-Configuration Manager” on page 42 explains how to designate an IP Manager as configuration-enabled.

The “IP Configuration Manager” section in the IP Manager User Guide provide more information on the IP Configuration Manager.