Short discovery has the following characteristics:

  • The device node table in GUID-8374BA9F-FF09-4582-97E1-FEC389245DF8.html#GUID-8374BA9F-FF09-4582-97E1-FEC389245DF8___IP_CONCEPTS_DISCOVERY_27007 is consulted frequently (every 900 seconds, or 15 minutes, by default).

  • Short discovery has its own short discovery threads, just as full discovery has its own discovery threads. By default, the number of short discovery threads is 7.

  • Short discovery is performed only on routers or switches that are already in the topology. Short discovery of IPSec tunnels is performed on routers, and short discovery of cards is performed on switches.

  • Short discovery changes only the attributes of already discovered router or switch objects.

  • Short discovery does not perform postprocessing or codebook recomputation.


    The IP Manager User Guide provides information on how to enable short discovery, change the short discovery interval, or the number of short discovery threads.