Create a list of all types of managed devices in your network and then compare the list with the IP Certification Matrix.

Any SNMP-capable device that is not yet certified by VMware, Inc. will be discovered and monitored by the IP Manager by using generic SNMP MIB II instrumentation: More specific instrumentation will not be available until the device is certified. Many uncertified devices can be field certified or, to provide the highest level of compatibility, certified in VMware, Inc. labs.

To certify a device, VMware, Inc. requires the following information:

  • A MIB walk of the uncertified device using the IP Manager utility, sm_snmpwalk.

  • Device containment information such as the IP addresses, number of cards, ports, and interfaces.

  • A diagram showing how the device is connected to other devices in your network.

  • MIB walks of all connected devices using sm_snmpwalk.

    Other information specifically related to the use of the uncertified device in your network might also be required.

    VMware, Inc. periodically releases Service Packs for the IP Manager that provide certifications of new devices. The device certifications are intended to be as extensive as possible, but they might be prioritized to meet the needs of the majority of deployments.