The codebook tasks are single-threaded and CPU-bound. These tasks occur each time discovery is completed, when reconfiguration occurs, or when topology changes are made. The tasks may also be triggered manually.

The codebook task durations are listed at the beginning of the output from the sm_tpmgr utility and will be similar to The sm_tpmgr utility: Codebooks tasks.

  1. Do not use this value.

  2. Refer to these codebook task

  3. values.

Figure 1. The sm_tpmgr utility: Codebooks tasks

Look for these codebook task values to evaluate performance:

  • Consistency: The time (seconds) required to recalculate aggregations.

  • NewMatrix: The time (seconds) required to recompute the codebook.

  • Correlation: The time (seconds) required to perform the correlation.

    Appendix C, “CPU Estimates for Single-threaded Tasks,” will help you calculate the expected durations for your topology.