The amount of discovery network traffic varies depending upon the types of devices being discovered. The estimates in Discovery traffic in bytes reflect a regression around ports (managed + unmanaged) and interfaces from four topologies. The values mentioned should be regarded as an estimate.

Table 1. Discovery traffic in bytes

IP Availability Manager

IP Availability Manager and IP Performance Manager


Per interface

Per unmanaged port

Per managed port

Per interface

Per unmanaged port

Per managed port







Accuracy (predicted/actual): 99%, 129%, 94%, 103%, 98%

The percentages reflect the accuracy of the predictor values presented in Discovery traffic in bytes against the five sample topologies, compared to the actual values observed. The bandwidth depends on the speed at which discovery progresses, which largely depends on the mix of interfaces and ports.

The expected bandwidth is:

(Total bytes from Discovery traffic in bytes)*8/estimated discovery time (from GUID-E4D3FB5F-3434-4489-AEFF-F413C0D6DC1B.html#GUID-E4D3FB5F-3434-4489-AEFF-F413C0D6DC1B___IP_DEPLOY_DESIGN_39125 and GUID-E4D3FB5F-3434-4489-AEFF-F413C0D6DC1B.html#GUID-E4D3FB5F-3434-4489-AEFF-F413C0D6DC1B___IP_DEPLOY_DESIGN_34189 bits per second.

Here, 8 refers to the number of bits in a byte.