During the discovery, the MIB Object ID listed in MIB Object IDs of FibreChannelSwitchPort is probed to obtain the information on connection between the fibre channel switches. This information contains the WWN of the remote port which is connected to the local port of the local fibre channel switch.

Table 1. MIB Object IDs of FibreChannelSwitchPort



MIB ObjectID


Octet String


WWN of the attached corresponding Port

When the fibre channel switches are discovered, IP creates the FibreChannelSwitchPorts in the topology. Each FibreChannelSwitchPort is associated with a WWN. The WWN uniquely identifies the FibreChannelSwitchPort across the switches on the IP topology.

During post processing, IP uses the connection information to form the PortLink between the FibreChannelSwitchPorts.