The Environment Polling setting configures the polling intervals that are used to monitor system components such as the fan, memory, power supply, temperature sensor, and voltage sensor objects.

Default values for the Environment Polling setting lists the Environment Polling setting parameters.

Table 1. Default values for the Environment Polling setting


Default value




Default: ENABLED

Enables or disables environment polling and the subsequent performance analysis of the polled data.


30 to 3600 seconds

Default: 240 seconds

Time between successive polls for environment data.


0 to 10 retries

Default: 3

Number of retry polls to perform when the initial poll fails.


10 to 10000 milliseconds

Default: 700 milliseconds

Amount of time to wait for the poll response before the first poll request times out. The timeout value doubles for each successive retry.

For Timeout=700 msec (0.7 sec) and Retries=3:

  • 0.7 seconds for first retry

  • 1.4 seconds for second retry

  • 2.8 seconds for third retry