SNMP Trap Adapter configuration and script files describes the files that you use to configure the SNMP Trap Adapter to forward notifications on to the Global Manager.


You can define up to 25 trap processing threads in your local trapd.conf file, which includes a definition and default value for THREADS. Running a multi-threaded trap adapter may eliminate the need to send these traps to a forwarder.

To configure the SNMP Trap Adapter, complete the following steps:

  1. Define the traps that you want to forward to the Global Manager in your local copy of trap_mgr.conf file.

  2. Set up the proper security between the Adapter Platform and the SNMP Trap Adapter. “EMC Smarts SNMP Trap Adapter security” on page 39 provides more information.

  3. Verify the port setting for the SNMP Trap Adapter. “Verifying the SNMP Trap Adapter port setting” on page 72 provides more information.

  4. Configure the SNMP Trap Adapter to start and stop automatically.

  5. Start the SNMP Trap Adapter. “Starting and stopping the SNMP Trap Adapter” on page 79 provides more information.

Table 1. SNMP Trap Adapter configuration and script files

Directory under BASEDIR/


User editable





Used to map incoming SNMP traps to notifications, and to configure notification batch parameters.