The Adapter Platform consists of four basic components as shown in the figure:

  • Service Assurance Adapter Platform Server

    The Adapter Platform Server prepares event information for use by the Global Manager. It normalizes the event information and places it in a context understood by the Global Manager.

  • Syslog Adapter

    The Syslog Adapter parses a system log file and generates notifications based on the contents of the file. Either the complete contents of the file are read or the file can be tailed, which means that only newly added information is read.

  • SNMP Trap Adapter (Receiver)

    The SNMP Trap Adapter parses SNMP traps received and generates notifications based on the contents of the traps. The SNMP Trap Adapter can be configured to handle many different types of traps.

    If you plan to receive SNMPv3 traps, additional steps are required. “Configuring the SNMP Trap Adapter to receive SNMPv3 traps” on page 49 provides more information.

  • Command line interface sm_ems)

    The command line interface creates or modifies notifications that are sent to the Global Manager. This interface may be used in conjunction with third-party applications to send events to the Global Manager.


    The Syslog Adapter and the SNMP Trap Adapter configurations must be customized to specify the relevant file contents or the SNMP traps to use and how the information maps to objects in the Global Manager repository.