To modify a domain:

  1. Open the Global Manager Administration Console.

  2. From the ManagerList, select the Adapter Manager (INCHARGE-OI).

  3. Expand ICS Configuration.

  4. Expand IC Domain Configuration.

  5. Expand Domains.

  6. Click the appropriate domain.

    The Configure Domaininterface appears, as illustrated in

    Figure 1. Global ManagerAdministration Console — Configure Domain interface
  7. Type the appropriate configurations.

    Domain parametersdescribes the available domain parameters.

Global ManagerAdministration Console — Configure Domain interface.

Table 1. Domain parameters




Enables the domain.

Domain description

Provides a description of the domain.

Domain type

Defines the domain type.

Show type details

Displays the domain type information.

  1. Click Apply.

  2. Click Reconfigure.


    Configuration changes are not applied until Reconfigureis clicked. Clicking Reconfigurestarts the data synchronization process. Click Reconfigureonly after all updates to domains, domain tags, domain groups, and domain types have been made.