To create a domain:

  1. From the Global Manager Administration Console, select Edit > New Domain.

    The Domain Creation Wizard appears.

  2. Type the name of the domain server in the Domain Name field.

  3. Type the description of the domain in the Domain Description field, and click Next.


    To create a domain by using the Copy Existing option, select an existing domain server from the Copy Existing list, type a Domain Name, and click Finish.

  4. Select the domain type. Available options include:

    • Use Default Type


      This option is available only when copying an existing domain.

      • Create New Type

        If this option is selected, type the name of the domain type in the Type Name field.

      To copy an existing domain type, select an existing domain type from the Copy Existing list.

      • Select Existing Type

        If this option is selected, select a domain type from the Select Type list.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Edit the domain settings, and click Next.

    Domain settings defines the available domain settings.

Table 1. Domain settings



DXA file

Defines the DXA configuration file.

Hook script: enable

Enables the hook script.


If the hook script is enabled, type the path for the hook script in the field.

Minimum certainty

Defines the minimum certainty. Default value: 0.01

Smoothing interval

Defines the smoothing interval. Default value: 65

The instance that is created when the domain creation process is complete appears.


By default, the domain is enabled. If the domain is part of a domain group, it is only enabled if the domain group it belongs to is enabled. To disable the domain, clear its checkbox.

  1. Click Finish.