The filter script, <adapter_name>-filter.asl, filters network events from being processed any further as notifications and also contains some instructions for processing notifications that will utilize the notification adapter. Add a variable, sentByCustom, which invokes the script running the customization actions you want from the custom script, <adapter_name>-custom.asl.

To modify the filter script:

  1. Using sm_edit, open the filterscript.

  2. Add the following line for the sentByCustom variable to the end of the script (as shown in bold type):

    START() {
     * Filter cleared events.
     do { 
      if (currentEvent->icType == "CLEAR"
       || currentEvent->icType == "NL_CLEAR" )
      { currentEvent->filterMe = TRUE;
    currentEvent->sentByCustom = TRUE;
  3. Save the modified script. The sm_edit utility automatically saves the script to the appropriate local directory, located in BASEDIR/smarts/local/rules/notifier.