To customize an Email Notifier Adapter, add the sentByCustom variable to the mail-filter.asl script. In addition, you need to modify the filter script to send emails when a notification is cleared:

  1. Using sm_edit, open the mail-filter.asl script. Open the file using the following command:

    t BASEDIR/smarts/bin>sm_edit rules/notifier/mail/
    mail-filter.asl s
  2. Add the following line for the sentByCustom variable to the end of the script (as shown below in bold type).

    By default, when a network problem is resolved and a CLEAR notification is received, an email is not sent to the administrators involved in the repair. Within the mail-filter.asl script, you can use the filterMe variable to indicate whether or not you want an email to be delivered when a notification is cleared (when the problem is resolved).

    To have emails sent on CLEAR notifications, change the filterMe = TRUE Boolean value to FALSE (as shown in bold type):

    START() {
     * Filter cleared events.
    OMIT_CLEAR_EVENTS() filter { 
        (currentEvent->icType == "CLEAR" || currentEvent->icType 
         == "NL_CLEAR")
    } do {
                       currentEvent->filterMe = FALSE;
    currentEvent->sentByCustom = TRUE;
  3. Save the modified script. The sm_edit utility automatically saves the script to the BASEDIR/smarts/local/rules/notifier/mail directory.