Use an Notification Adapter (notifier) to pass information contained in Service Assurance Manager notifications to other applications or to users. For example, you can use a notifier to:

  • Convert notifications into email messages or SNMP traps

  • Write the notification text to a log file

  • Execute a script upon receiving a notification

    Notification adapters and descriptions describes the purpose of each notifier.

Table 1. Notification adapters and descriptions



Email Notifier Adapter

Sends notifications from a Global Manager to specific addresses in an email system

Log File Notifier Adapter

Logs notifications from a Global Manager to a file

SNMP Trap Notifier Adapter

Converts notifications into SNMP traps and sends the traps to specified locations

Script Notifier Adapter

Calls a custom script when a notification is received

Adapter for TIBCO Rendezvous

Publishes notifications as TIB/Rendezvous messages so that other TIB/Rendezvous applications can subscribe (listen) to them


VMware, Inc. recommends using the notification adapters with the Service Assurance Manager (Global Manager). The notification adapters, except for the Adapter for TIBCO Rendezvous, may also be used with Domain Managers.

The following are additional examples of typical notifier usage:

  • Write notifications to a log.

  • Execute a program, such as a paging service or email, upon receipt of a notification.

  • Extend and get additional information about a notification:

    • Get the impact when you receive a notification.

    • Get the system location of a failing device.

  • Open a trouble ticket using a third-party package.