Script Notifier Adapter parameters and descriptions describes each parameter for the Script Notifier Adapter. Specifying subscriptions in the configuration file on page 21 contains additional information on changing the subscriptions for this notifier to receive different types of notifications. Appendix A, Customizing a Notification Adapter, contains additional information on customizing a notification adapter.

Table 1. Script Notifier Adapter parameters and descriptions




Default name of the VMware Manager to connect to.

The default is INCHARGE-SA.


Base name of the script to execute. The name cannot contain path separators. The custom script resides in BASEDIR/smarts/local/actions.


Time that an event must remain active before the notifier sends a notification.

This parameter is used only if the notifier is subscribed to a Domain Manager.

If the notifier is subscribed to a Global Manager, this parameter is not applicable and the value is 0 seconds.

The default is 0 seconds.


Threshold above which notifications are sent. Any notification with a certainty below the threshold is discarded. This value must be a number between 0.0 and 1.0. Service Assurance uses the value from the NotificationList definition.

The default is a certainty of 0.01.


Time interval the notifier should wait after it connects to the VMware Manager before accepting events.

The default is 0 seconds.