In the ics-config.dtd, the element is defined as:

<!ELEMENT  policyconfig  (filterconfig | pathconfig)*> <!ATTLIST policyconfig
 name   CDATA    #REQUIRED 
    timestamp   CDATA          "0"

Attribute-list declarations for the policyconfig element identifies the attribute declarations and possible values for the policyconfig element.

Table 1. Attribute-list declarations for the policyconfig element

XML attribute


Possible value

Value required/

default value


A unique name for the escalation policy.




When exporting, the value is the last time the object was modified by any user through the Administration Console or through sm_config.

When importing, the timestamp defined in the XML file is compared with the timestamp of the object in the repository. Modifications to an existing object will fail when the import timestamp is later than the existing repository timestamp (unless the force option is used).


Not required.

Default is "0".