To add a calculated value to an ECI:

  1. Select the ECI in the topology tree of the NOTIF Editor.

  2. Select the Calc’d Values tab.

  3. Click Add. The default Edit Calculated Value dialog box appears as shown in Edit Calculated Value dialog box.

    Figure 1. Edit Calculated Value dialog box
  4. Type the appropriate values in this dialog box to create the calculated value for the ECI. For example:


    In the user-editable fields in the Edit Calculated Value dialog box, you must include dollar signs for varbind variables; otherwise the variable will be read as literal text. For example, if V11 (instead of $V11$) was typed in the Condition: field in the above example, NOTIF would read the V11 entry as a literal text string (not as the value of V11).

    Also, the text typed for values in conditions and assignments should be in upper case. For example, State -> CLEAR, not State -> clear.

  5. Click OK. The calculated value appears in the calculated value list as shown in Example of adding a Calculated Value to an ECI.


    In the calculated values list, literal values in the displayed calculated value are enclosed with quotation marks (for example: “5”) and variables are not (for example: V11).

    Figure 2. Example of adding a Calculated Value to an ECI