When you finish editing the properties of CLI device-access groups, follow these procedures in IP Availability Manager to ensure changes in CLI credentials are synchronized with your Network Protocol Manager servers.

  1. Click the Apply button to save the configuration changes to an existing group object or to a newly created group object in the repository of IP Availability Manager.

  2. Click the Reconfigure toolbar button (described in GUID-0D7447CB-01DC-457F-88F3-B166CC3DFE6C.html#GUID-0D7447CB-01DC-457F-88F3-B166CC3DFE6C___NPM_CONFIG_GROUPS_INTRO_18051) to make the configuration changes take effect.

  3. Rediscover those devices affected by the change in credentials.

    When the IP discovery process completes, the Network Protocol Manager discovery process automatically starts. Network Protocol Manager imports the group object and saves the group object to its repository.

    Network Protocol Manager synchronizes its CLI-device-access group and group-related objects with the CLI-device-access group and group-related objects on IP Availability Manager.


    There may be an 8-minute delay before the credentials are synchronized between the IP and NPM servers.