Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a network configuration management tool that gives you the power to quickly, easily, and accurately design, modify, and maintain networks, using an intuitive graphical network view.

Network Configuration Manager Reporting represents a new version of the reporting feature. With Network Configuration Manager Reporting, you can:

  • Create Dashboards to store and view up-to-the minute information on the status of your networks and devices
  • Use Report parameters and filtering, enabling you to view just the information you want to see
  • Save Dashboards as Favourites
Network Configuration Manager Reporting offers detailed reports for:
  • Dashboard Reports
    • Device Summary
    • Compliance Scoreboard
  • Device Reports
    • Device Details
  • Config Change Reports
    • Change Detail
    • Device Change
    • Hardware Change
  • Compliance Reports
    • Compliance Status
  • Policy Reports
    • Policy Details