This topic represents a snippet for the Metrics parameter used in the Flexible Scaling configuration.

The incomingMetrics paarmeter of the flexible configuration must be adjusted at deployment time through a file named values.yaml under product-helm-charts/tcsa in the deployer package.
# Configure the flexible configuration for different parameters 
# 'incomingMetrics' is to represent the number of Metrics that TCSA should scale to , and it is represented in units of Millions.
# 'retentionPeriod' is to represent the number of Weeks that TCSA should retain the data on the elasticsearch , and it is represented in units of Weeks [ 1-7 ].

# The following example is for 10 million metrics
  incomingMetrics: 10
# The following example is the retention interval for 3 weeks
  retentionInterval: 3
Note: The retentionInterval parameter is always used with the combination of incomingMetrics or incomingEvents parameters.