Flexible Scaling provides you the ability to independently scale up services based on number of Devices, Events, Metrics, and definitions.

To accomplish Flexible Scaling, you must first deploy the Base footprint as recommended in the sizing sheet and then perform the Flexible Scaling as per the recommendation provided in the sizing sheet. For more information on the list of supported Base footprints, see Demo and HA-Based System Requirements.

Note: Flexible Scaling feature is not supported for VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance through VMware Telco Cloud Automation deployment.
The following table lists the scaling parameters and their dependent services.
Scaling Parameter Dependent Services
Number of managed Devices topologyservice, flink, arangodb, kafka, and redis
Number of incoming Events eventservice, elasticsearch, and kafka
Number of incoming Metrics metricsservice, elasticsearch, and kafka
Retention Period elasticsearch
Number of Alarm definitions flink and kafka
Number of Enrichment definitions flink and kafka
Number of Concurrent Users apiservice, elasticsearch
Number of workload cluster nodes The number of workload cluster nodes (number of VMs under Worker Node section) in the VMware Telco Cloud Service Assurance Sizing sheet.
Note: You must scale the nodes before initiating the Flexible Scaling deployment.
You must consider the following upgrade and downgrade scenarios while performing Flexible Scaling:
  • Downgrading is not allowed for any Scaling parameters. For example, downgrading from a 75 K Base footprint or incrementally scaled footprint to 50 K.
  • Downgrading from Flexible scaled 40 million Metrics to 30 million Flexible Scale Metrics is not supported.
  • After Flexible Scaling, you cannot downgrade any scaling parameters. For example:
    • 50 K base deployment to Flexible Scaling Metrics upgrade to 30 million. After Flexible Scaling, you cannot downgrade Metrics to 20 million.
    • 50 K base deployment to Flexible Scaling metrics upgrade to 30 million and incremental scaling downgrade to 25 K with 10 million Metrics.
  • After Flexible Scaling, you cannot perform an incremental scaling on any footprints.
  • Incremental scaling to incremental scale downgrade is not allowed. For example, 75 K to 50 K.
  • The number of Events cannot be less than the number of Devices multiplied by 10.

For maximum Flexible Scaling requirements, see System Requirements for Flexible Scaling.