The tcxctl is a CLI tool that bootstraps, installs, and uninstalls VMware Telco products in Kubernetes environments.

Main tasks of tcxctl CLI tool is to simplify the lifecycle management of VMware Telco products for the end-user. Lifecycle management of Telco products includes:
  • Pushing artifacts like imgpkg bundles, plain docker images, and helm charts to supported registries.
  • Deploying custom Storage Classes for supported clouds.
  • Deploying Basic RBAC resources, Namespaces, Secrets, and ConfigMaps.
  • Deploying kapp-controller, admin-operator, and their CRDs.
  • Deployment of actual product helm chart for the end users that are not comfortable with Helm or higher-order Kubernetes clients like CloudFormation, Terraform, and so on.
  • Cleanup of all the above components.
The tcxctl is a cloud and registry tool, which automatically determines the cloud and registry type based on input parameters and performs the necessary actions. It currently supports the following registries:
  • Harbor
  • ECR
  • ACR
The tcxctl is validated against the following Kubernetes flavors:
  • Upstream Vanilla Kubernetes
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid - m (TKGm)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Available Commands

cleanup                 Cleanup VMware Telco resources on provided cluster and registry
deploy                  Deploy VMware Telco resources
push                    Push artifacts to a registry
[command] --help/-h     Print commands usage

Optional Environment Variables: KUBECONFIG=$HOME/.kube/config: Set default KUBECONFIG file path.