Make the nodes accessible by FQDN, configure the settings for connection to an NTP server to enable synchronized communication with the NSX-T Manager and transport nodes, and enable edge remote management by using a command-line interface over SSH.


  1. Log in to the console of the first NSX-T Edge node by using the admin user name and nsx-t-edge-admin-password password.
  2. Set the DNS servers for the NSX-T Edge node by running these commands.
    set name-servers
    set name-servers
  3. Set the NTP server on the NSX-T Edge node.
    set ntp-server
  4. Set the FQDN of the NSX-T Edge node.
    set hostname sfo01wesg01.sfo.rainpole.local
  5. Enable SSH and configure it to start automatically when the NSX-T Edge node is restarted.
    start service ssh
    set service ssh start-on-boot
  6. Repeat the procedure on the other NSX-T Edge node sfo01wesg02.sfo.rainpole.local.