Uplink profiles define the policies for the links from ESXi hosts to NSX-T segments or from NSX-T Edge nodes to top of rack switches. Because you add the hosts for Availability Zone 2 manually to the workload domain in VMware Cloud Foundation, for integration as transport nodes in the NSX-T configuration, you must provide an uplink profiles for these hosts and NSX-T Edge node.

During the deployment of the workload domain, SDDC Manager creates the host-uplink- UUID uplink profile for uplink traffic to top of rack switches.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to the user interface of NSX-T Manager.
    Setting Value
    URL https://sfo01wnsx01.sfo01.rainpole.local
    User name admin
    Password nsx_admin_password
  2. On the main navigation bar, click System.
  3. In the navigation pane, select Fabric > Profiles.
  4. To define policies for the links in Availability Zone 2 between the ESXi hosts and segments and between NSX-T Edge nodes and top of rack switches, create uplink profiles.
    1. On the Profiles page, click the Uplink profiles tab and click Add.
    2. On the New uplink profile page, enter the following values and click Add.
      Name Teaming - Teaming Policy Teaming - Active Uplinks Transport VLAN MTU
      sfo01-w-overlay-profile Failover Order uplink-1 1644 9000
      sfo01-w-uplink01-profile Failover Order uplink-1 1647 9000
      sfo01-w-uplink02-profile Failover Order uplink-2 1648 9000
      sfo02-esxi-w01-uplink-profile Load Balance Source uplink-1,uplink-2 1664 9000
      sfo02-w-overlay-profile Failover Order uplink-1 1669 9000
      sfo02-w-uplink01-profile Failover Order uplink-1 1667 9000
      sfo02-w-uplink02-profile Failover Order uplink-2 1668 9000
      The Load Balance Source option represents load balancing that is based on the source port ID.
  5. In the sfo02-esxi-w01-uplink-profile profile, create two teaming policies for ECMP uplinks.
    1. On the Uplink profiles tab, select the sfo02-esxi-w01-uplink-profile profile and click Edit.
    2. In the Edit uplink profile dialog box, under Teamings, click the Add button, enter the following information, and click Save.
      Name Teaming Policy Active Uplinks
      Uplink01 Failover Order uplink-1
      Uplink02 Failover Order uplink-2
  6. Include the new teaming policies in the transport zone.
    1. Navigate to Fabric > Transport zones, select vlan-tz-UUID, and click Edit.
    2. In the Edit Transport Zone dialog box, add uplink-1 and uplink-2 to Uplink teaming policy names, and click Save.