You configure a sample blueprint to deploy to your organization's cloud providers. Blueprints determine the specifications, such as target cloud region, resources, guest operating systems, and others, for the services or applications that consumers of this blueprint can deploy.


  1. In a Web browser, log in to vRealize Automation by using the cloud services console.
    Setting Value
    URL https://vra01svr01.rainpole.local/csp/gateway/portal
    User name configadmin
    Password wsa01svr01_configadmin_password
    Domain System Domain
  2. On the main navigation bar, click Services.
  3. In the My services section, click Cloud Assembly.
  4. Click the Design tab and, on the Blueprints page, click New.
  5. In the New blueprint dialog box, configure the settings and click Create.
    Setting Value
    Name Sample Blueprint
    Description Sample Blueprint
    Project Sample
    Blueprint sharing in Service Broker Share only with this project
  6. On the Blueprints page, click Sample blueprint to open its design page.
  7. In the Code editor, enter the following YAML code.
    name: Sample Workload
    formatVersion: 1
        type: string
          - title: Rainpole Private Cloud
            const: 'cloud:private'
        title: Cloud
        description: Select a target cloud.
        type: string
          - title: Region A (US West 1)
            const: 'region:sfo'
        title: Region
        description: Select a target region.
        type: string
          - title: Production
            const: 'env:prod'
          - title: Development
            const: 'env:dev'
        title: Environment
        description: Select a target environment.
        type: string
          - title: Web Server
            const: 'function:web'
          - title: Application Server
            const: 'function:app'
          - title: Database Server
            const: 'function:db'
        title: Function
        description: Select a target function.
        type: string
          - title: Platinum
            const: 'tier:platinum'
        title: Performance Tier
        description: Select a performance tier.
        type: string
          - title: Ubuntu Server 19.10
            const: ubuntu-server-1910
          - title: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
            const: ubuntu-server-1804-lts
          - title: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard
            const: windows-server-2019-standard
          - title: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard
            const: windows-server-2016-standard
        title: Operating System and Version
        description: Select a operationg system and version.
        type: string
          - title: X-Small
            const: x-small
          - title: Small
            const: small
          - title: Medium
            const: medium
          - title: Large
            const: large
          - title: X-Large
            const: x-large
        title: Node Size
        description: 'Select a standard node size.<br/><br/>Refer to <a href="https://support.rainpole.local" target=" _blank">support.rainpole.local/sizing</a> for our standard resource sizing.'
        type: integer
        default: 1
        maximum: 100
        title: Node Count
        description: Select the number of VMs between 1 and 100.
        type: Cloud.vSphere.Machine
          image: '${input.operatingSystem}'
          flavor: '${input.nodeSize}'
          count: '${input.nodeCount}'
          customizationSpec: '${input.operatingSystem}'
            - tag: '${input.targetCloud}'
            - tag: '${input.targetRegion}'
            - network: '${}'
              assignment: static
          attachedDisks: []
        type: Cloud.NSX.Network
          networkType: existing
            - tag: '${input.targetFunction}'
            - tag: '${input.targetEnvironment}'
  8. Test the sample blueprint.
    1. On the Sample blueprint design page, click Test.
    2. In the Testing Sample dialog box, configure the settings and click Test.
      Setting Value
      Cloud Rainpole Private Cloud
      Region Region A (US West 1)
      Environment Production
      Function Web Server
      Performance tier Platinum
      Operating system and version Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
      Node size Small
      Node count 1
      The simulation examines syntax, placement, and blueprint validity.
  9. Version the sample blueprint.
    1. On the Sample blueprint design page, click Version.
    2. In the Creating version dialog box, configure the settings and click Create.
      Setting Value
      Version 1.0
      Description Sample Blueprint
      Change log Initial Release
      Release Select Release this version to the catalog.
    3. On the Sample blueprint design page, click Close.