vRealize Log Insight is the logging management component that exists in the on-premises SDDC infrastructure. VMware Log Intelligenceā„¢ is the service that you can use to collect selected logs from your SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS. To enable forwarding the logs from VMware Log Intelligence to the on-premises vRealize Log Insight instances, you must deploy a Cloud Proxy in each on-premises region.

When forwarding logs to another location, the logs must be tagged with a site code to ensure the log origin is traceable. This tagging also allows filters to be created to stop duplicate or circular logging to occur.

Provide the compute and storage resources for the operation of the Cloud Proxy appliance.

Table 1. Resource Specification of the Cloud Proxy Appliance



Number of CPUs

4 vCPUs


12 GB

Disk size

  • 1.4 GB Thin Provisioned

  • 80 GB Thick Provisioned

Table 2. Design Decisions on Logging Configuration

Decision ID

Design Decision

Design Justification

Design Implication


Enable the VMware Log Intelligence service for your SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Log collection from VMware Cloud on AWS is not possible without VMware Log Intelligence.



Deploy a Cloud Proxy appliance in each on-premises management cluster.

A Cloud Proxy is required to forward logs from Log Intelligence to the on-premises SDDC.

You must allocate additional resources to run the Cloud Proxy appliance.


Tag the logs from the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC with site=VMC.

Tagging logs allows for site identification and log filtering.



Filter the vRealize Log Insight forwarding rules to exclude site=VMC.

Each region must receive its own copy of the logs from the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC by using a region-specific Cloud Proxy appliance. If a disaster occurs, logs are still forwarded to the running part of the on-premises SDDC.

Duplication of logs exists in each vRealize Log Insight instance.

Figure 1. Log Forwarding Design

A Cloud Proxy appliance is running in each on-premises region. VMware Log Intelligence connects to the on-premises vRealize Log Insight instances.