To reprotect the virtual machines of the SDDC management applications, your environment must meet certain requirements for the availability of the original protected region and state of the recovery plans.

  • The original protected region must be available. The vCenter Server instances, ESXi hosts, Site Recovery Manager Server instances, and corresponding databases must all be recovered.

    To unpair and recreate the pairing of protected and recovery regions, both regions must be available. If you cannot restore the original protected region, you must reinstall Site Recovery Manager on the protected and recovery regions.

  • If you performed a planned migration or disaster recovery, verify that all steps of the recovery plan finish successfully. If errors occur during the recovery, resolve the problems that caused the errors and rerun the recovery plan. When you rerun a recovery plan, the operations that previously succeeded are skipped. For example, successfully recovered virtual machines are not recovered again and continue running without interruption.

  • If you performed a disaster recovery operation, you must perform the following tasks before reprotect:

    • After the protected region is repaired, Site Recovery Manager detects the availability of the region and changes the status of the recovery plan to Recovery Required. Rerun the recovery plans for the Cloud Management Platform and operations management applications in the Recovery Required state so that Site Recovery Manager can perform actions on the original region which failed during disaster recovery.

    • Perform a planned migration when both regions are running again.

      If errors occur during the planned migration, resolve the errors and rerun the planned migration until it succeeds.