The VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ connector is an on-premises component of VMware Workspace ONE Access (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager™) that integrates with your on-premises infrastructure such as Active Directory, RADIUS, and RSA SecurID to provide directory integration and user authentication.

The connector contains the following enterprise services:

  • Directory Sync service

    Syncs users from Active Directory or LDAP directories to the Workspace ONE Access service

  • User Auth service

    Provides connector-based authentication methods, including Password (cloud deployment), RSA SecurID (cloud deployment), and RADIUS (cloud deployment)

  • Kerberos Auth service

    Provides Kerberos authentication for internal users

Note: The Workspace ONE Access 20.10 connector does not support Virtual Apps (Citrix, Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and ThinApps integrations). To integrate Horizon, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix applications and desktops, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Windows) version To integrate ThinApp packaged applications, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Linux) version 2018.8.1.0.

The enterprise services can be installed individually on separate Windows servers or together on the same server. When you install the connector, you select which services to install. The services run independently of each other and can be stopped, started, and managed separately.

All the services, except for the Kerberos Auth service, are outbound and do not require an inbound connection.

The Workspace ONE Access connector is installed on Windows servers only. See Workspace ONE Access Connector 20.10 Systems Requirements for supported versions.

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