When the Windows 10 Provisioning Service by VMware Workspace ONE UEM is used for new Windows 10 device provisioning, custom branding and a welcome message can be set up in the Workspace ONE application.

As users power on their new computers and sign in with their credentials for the first time, the Workspace ONE UEM provisioning agent ensures that the Workspace ONE application is available. Workspace ONE is launched after Windows is fully prepared. Users see a custom welcome message with the company's branding before the Workspace ONE application catalog opens. During this time, if Show recommended apps in Bookmarks tab is enabled in the Catalog > Settings >User Portal Configuration page, the recommended applications are downloaded by Workspace ONE.

Note: See the Windows Desktop Platform Guide for information about the Windows 10 provisioning service by Workspace ONE UEM.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console Catalogs tab, select Settings > User Portal Branding.
  2. In the Desktop Out-of-Box-Experience section, edit the settings to customize the Workspace ONE registration pages.
    Form Item Description

    Welcome Screen Logo

    Add a logo to be centered at the top of the Welcome screen.

    The maximum size of the image is 250 x 250 px. The format is PNG.

    Welcome Screen Background Color

    The color that displays for the background of the Start and Welcome screens.

    Enter a six-digit hexadecimal color code over the existing one to change the background color. The preview screen is updated with the new color.

    Welcome Screen Next Button Color

    Enter a six-digit hexadecimal color code to change the background color for the Next button that displays on the Welcome screen.

    Welcome Screen Font Color

    Enter a six-digit hexadecimal color code to change the font color for the Next button.

    Welcome Message Create a welcome message about using Workspace ONE that displays on the Welcome page.
  3. Click Save.