Workspace ONE Access with Hub Services provides a pre-hire onboarding experience through Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub on a web browser.

Pre-hire onboarding gives users that are hired but have not started to work, access to resources before their start date. Workspace ONE Access generates a one-time-use access token, called a magic link, that you send in an email to pre-hires. Pre-hire users click the link to access a Welcome page in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub portal.

Prerequisites for Day Zero Onboarding

  • An Active Directory group created that is dedicated to pre-hire users. All pre-hire users are added to this group when they sign the offer letter. The user remains in the pre-hire group until their start date.
  • The Active Directory pre-hire group must be synced to the Workspace ONE Access directory.
  • Workspace ONE Access enabled for user authentication in the Workspace ONE UEM console.

You configure Workspace ONE Access to set up the authentication token and the magic link.

  • You configure the Workspace ONE Access API to create the magic link login token. You can add this token to an email that you send to the pre-hire.
  • You enable the magic link in the Workspace ONE Access console, set the length of time that the generated magic link is valid, and add the pre-hire group UUID.
  • You enable the pre-hire Token Auth Adapter authentication method and add it to the built-in identity provider that is associated with the directory that is syncing the pre-hire user group from Active Directory.

See the How to Set Up a Pre-Hire Onboarding Experience in VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub for information about how to set up the APIs and configure the onboarding features in Workspace ONE Access.