You can edit the delivery settings (ICA properties) for individual Citrix-published applications and desktops in your VMware Identity Manager deployment.

The ICA properties text boxes for individual applications are empty by default.

When you edit the ICA properties of an individual Citrix-published resource, those settings take precedence over the global settings. For information on global settings, see Edit Resource Delivery Settings Globally for All Citrix-Published Resources.

Important: ICA properties set on individual applications or desktops do not apply to ICA traffic that is routed through NetScaler. Only the global settings in the Citrix Published Applications > NetScaler ICA Configuration and the Citrix Published Delivery Groups > NetScaler ICA Configuration tabs in Virtual App Settings apply to ICA traffic routed through NetScaler. For more information, see Editing ICA Properties for NetScaler.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console.
  2. Select the Catalog > Virtual Apps tab.
  3. Click Any Application Type > Citrix Published Applications to edit settings for applications or Any Application Type > Citrix Published Delivery Groups to edit settings for desktops.
  4. Click the name of the Citrix-published resource to edit.
  5. Click Configuration.
  6. View the information about the resource as carried forward from your Citrix deployment.
    The page provides several details about the resource, such as the resource name, resource ID, server name, and so on. Also, the page displays information about the resources enablement. If the Enabled check box is not selected, the resource is disabled in your Citrix deployment and is hidden from users.
  7. In the ICA properties text boxes, add properties or edit existing properties according to Citrix guidelines.
    Note: Both the ICA Client Properties and ICA Launch Properties text boxes must have values or both must be empty.
  8. Click Save.