The Profile Options settings page lets you enable the Interactive Assignment Type for device profiles in Workspace ONE UEM. The Interactive settings means the only way a profile can be installed on a device is if the user logs in to the Self-Service Portal and initiates the installation.

Configure Enrollment settings by navigating to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Profile Options.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE UEM Profile Options settings page?

The Profile Options settings page:
  • Enables you, as the administrator, to make "Interactive" as a possible choice of Assignment Type for a device profile.
    • This selection is made at Resources > Profiles & Baselines > Profiles > Add > Add Profile and after selecting a platform and 'device profile,' you can see "Interactive" with the other choices in the Assignment Type drop-down menu of the General payload screen.
  • Making a device profile's Assignment Type "Interactive" means giving the device end user the power to accept a device profile. The end user does this by signing in to the Self-Service Portal (SSP). For more information, see Self-Service Portal Into Workspace ONE UEM.

Determine your Organizational group hierarchy

Before you review and modify settings, understand the two types of inheritance/override options for the organization group hierarchy available at the top and bottom of the settings page and determine your choices. For more information about these settings, see Override Versus Inherit Setting for Organization Groups.

  • Current Setting – Select whether to Inherit or Override the displayed settings. Inherit means use the settings of the current organization group's parent OG, while Override enables the settings for editing so you can modify the current OG's settings directly.
  • Child Permission – Select the available behavior of child organization groups that exist below the currently selected organization group. Inherit only means child OGs are only allowed to inherit these settings. Override only means they override the settings, and Inherit or Override means you can choose to inherit or override settings in child OGs that exist below the currently selected OG.
Setting Description
Interactive Assignment Type Enable this setting to select "Interactive" as an assignment type when deploying a device profile. If a profile is set as Interactive, the only way that profile can be published to a device is through the user's Self-Service Portal (SSP).