Forcepoint lets you leverage your existing content filtering categories in Forcepoint and apply those to devices you manage within the Workspace ONE UEM console .

Directory users enrolled in Workspace ONE UEM are validated against Forcepoint to determine which content filtering rules to apply based on the specific end user. You can enforce content filtering with Forcepoint in one of two ways:

  • Use a VPN profile, which applies to all web traffic using browsers other than the VMware Browser. This method is described below.
  • Use the Settings and Policies page, which applies to all web traffic using the VMware Browser.

Directory-based end users will now have access to permitted sites based on your Forcepoint categories. If you enable SSL decryption for the Android (Legacy) devices, you will need to download a Forcepoint root certificate from the Forcepoint cloud service. You will upload the certificate to the Workspace ONE UEM console . Consider using the same profile that you used for your VPN settings. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View and select the VPN profile you created. Then, on the Credentials payload, upload your Forcepoint root certificate.


For Android (Legacy) device users, the TRITON AP-MOBILE app is required for TRITON AP-MOBILE to begin protecting their devices with Forcepoint. You will need to add the app as a public app to the Workspace ONE UEM console.

After the app is deployed to Android (Legacy) devices, device users receive a “Forcepoint VPN configuration” notification. Tapping the notification displays a second notification that “Forcepoint VPN configuration is ready.” Tapping the second notification launches the Forcepoint app. Device users then receive a request to allow TRITON AP-MOBILE to create a VPN connection. They should check the box that says, “I trust this application,” and then tap OK. To confirm that TRITON AP-MOBILE is protecting their device, the app homescreen should show Security as “ON.” If it does not, device users should try tapping the “Forcepoint VPN configuration is ready” notification again.