As an admin, you can enable new email notifications for VMware Workspace ONE Boxer on both iOS and Android. The Email Notification page provides access to the Email Notification Service installer.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE Email settings page?

The path to the Workspace ONE Email settings page on the Workspace ONE UEM console is Groups & Settings > All Settings > Email > Email Notification.

With the Workspace ONE Email Notification settings page, you can:

  • Provide new email notifications for VMware Workspace ONE Boxer on both iOS and Android.
  • Monitor the Exchange or Office365 back end for email events and send updates to the end user devices through Apple or Google’s push notification services.

General Tab

To enable Email Notification, select Yes, enter the Cloud Notification Service URL, and click Save. After the settings are saved, click the Download Configuration option. Click the Download Configuration. Enter a password in Certificate Password to download the configuration.

Note: Before downloading the ENS installer, you must upload the SSL pinning certificate details. Password is required to download the configuration and must be provided again during the ENS installation.
Setting Description
Cloud Notification Service URL Enter the Workspace ONE UEM cloud notification service URL. This is the URL to which the Email Notification Service (ENS) server sends notifications.

Select Confirm Password, reenter the password, and click Download. Save the archived .xml file to be accessible for the upload during the ENS installation. Then you click Save, the Download Configuration tab appears on the screen.

Click the Download Configuration tab, create a password for Email Notification Certificate, and download the installer to the local folder.

Advanced Tab

Settings Description
User Attribute Enter the lookup value for the user attribute that contains the email address value.

View the generated API key and certificate on the advanced page.

  • Regenerate - Select this to generate a new CNS certificate or Airwatch certificate.
  • Regenerate API Key - Select this to generate a new API key.