As an admin, you can use the Workspace ONE UEM Mobile Email Management (MEM) solution to deliver comprehensive security for your corporate email infrastructure. To allow only the compliant users and devices to access email, you can configure the Email settings.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE Email settings page?

The path to the Workspace ONE Email settings page on the Workspace ONE UEM console is Groups & Settings > All Settings > Email.

With the Workspace ONE Email settings page, you can:

  • Enforce SSL security
  • Configure email over-the-air
  • Discover existing unmanaged devices
  • Protect email from data loss
  • Block unmanaged devices from accessing email
  • Restrict email access to only company-approved devices
  • Use certificate integration and revocation
The Workspace ONE UEM Email setting is categorized as follows:
  • Configuration - The Email Configuration page allows you to enable and configure your specific email environment, create compliance policies, and discover any existing unmanaged devices that can pose a security threat.
  • Email Notification - The Email Notification page allows you to enable new email notifications for VMware Workspace ONE Boxer on both iOS and Android.