As an admin, you can configure the Workspace ONE Access settings to provide users with a single sign-on experience and secure access to applications.

The VMware Identity Manager settings page is used to complete the VMware Identity Manager Configuration and Access Management.

What can you do with the Workspace ONE Access settings page?

The path to the settings page on the WS1 UEM console is Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Workspace ONE Access.

With Workspace ONE Access, you can configure authentication methods, identity provider instances, default access policy rules and network ranges. Before configuring authentication methods, identity provider and access policy rules, you need to configure Workspace ONE Access.

Workspace ONE Access Configuration

The Workspace ONE Access configuration setting is used to configure directory integration settings between your Workspace ONE UEM instance and your Workspace ONE Access instance.

After binding the two together, Workspace ONE Access can make API calls related to your directory service values. Workspace ONE UEM customers must first deploy VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and set up directory service integration within the Workspace ONE UEM console. Then, you can use this settings page to push your directory configuration to Workspace ONE Access. This functionality does not allow for Workspace ONE UEM to receive directory changes from Workspace ONE Access.

After establishing communication between Workspace ONE Access and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), you’ll be able to deploy:

  • A universal app catalog, including web, native and virtual apps
  • Mobile Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Conditional access to applications, including device management and compliance
  • Mobile Flows
  • People Search

As an admin, you can configure Workspace ONE Access to establish the connection between VMware Unified Endpoint Management and Workspace ONE Access.

Workspace ONE Access Connection Credentials

Setting Description
Tenant URL Use this setting to enter Workspace ONE Access cloud tenant URL.
Username Use this setting to enter a username to access the tenant.
Password Use this setting to enter a password to access the tenant.