Add the required initial-check method and use optional delegate callback methods that are part of the AWController.

Add these optional methods after you install the SDK. See Install the [%=Variables.SDK iOS Swift Long%] in a New Environment for details.

Table 1. Required Delegate Methods

Delegate Method


controllerDidFinishInitialCheck(Error error: NSError?)

Called once the SDK finishes its setup.

Table 2. Optional Delegate Methods

Delegate Method


receivedProfiles(_ profiles: NSArray)

Called when the configurations profiles are received from the Workspace ONE UEM console.

AWController or the parameter in this callback can now access the configurations profiles.


Called when the SDK has wiped all of its data.

The application wipes any of its application specific data.


Called when the SDK has locked, user will need to unlock with username/password, passcode, touch-id in order to access application.


Called when the SDK has been unlocked by some form of acceptable authentication (username/password, passcode, touch-id).

stopNetworkActivity(_ networkActivityStatus: NetworkActivityStatus)

Called to alert the application to stop its network activity due to some restriction set by the admin's policies such as cellular data connection disabled while roaming, if airplane mode is switched on, SSID does not match what is on console, proxy failed, etc.


Called to alert the application to resume its network activity because it is now fine to do so based on the device's current connectivity status and policies set by administrator.


Called when the currently logged in user has changed to alert the application of the change.

didReceiveEnrollmentStatus(_ enrollmentStatus: EnrollmentStatus)

Called when the SDK has received the enrollment status of this device from console. The application can now query the SDK for the enrollment status using the DeviceInformationController class after this point or use the EnrollmentStatus parameter given in this delegate call.