Sign the application with the listed component to share data in a keychain access group and to use the Workspace ONE SDK for iOS (Swift) features.

Enable or Disable Keychain Sharing

Enable keychain sharing entitlements to sign applications with a keychain access group.

Disable keychain sharing to not share data and to sign the application with another string.

Format of Entitlements

The format for keychain access group entitlements are \accessGroupName. The group names are defined in a list and multiple applications have the same AppIdentifierPrefix to share date.

The AppIdentifierPrefix string associates to the bundle ID of the application. For applications to share data, the applications in the group must share the same keychain access group. You create the bundle ID in the Apple Developer portal and you associate the bundle ID with a prefix or group.

For information on keychain items and sharing on the Apple Developer site article Sharing Access to Keychain Items Among a Collection of Apps at as of October of 2018.

Table 1. Behaviors of Signed Applications with Keychain Sharing Configured

Keychain sharing enabled

Application signed with the listed string


With group names as AirWatchSDKTestAppAccessGroup1 and AirWatchSDKTestAppAccessGroup2, the system signs the application with the prefix string.

  • FZJQX8D5U8.AirWatchSDKTestAppGroup1

  • FZJQX8D5U8.AirWatchSDKTestAppGroup2


The system signs the application with the bundle ID.


For more information on the SDK and keychain enablement, see Troubleshoot Keychain Enablement . For the procedure to enable keychain sharing for applications with the same prefix and keychain access groups, see Enable Keychain Sharing for [%=Variables.SDK generic long%] Applications.